A sound business insurance program seeks to protect you against a variety of perils. At Sine Insurance Group, we offer clients the ability to customize their policies to ensure their specific requests and concerns are fulfilled. As your local insurance expert, we also recommend bundling your property and liability coverages under one policy for convenience, and you receive a discount on premium prices.

Known as a business owners policy (BOP), this is created for small-to-medium sized businesses that typically face the same type and degree of risk. Larger companies may purchase the equivalent of this with a commercial package policy.

We’ve Got You Covered

The fundamental coverage under a BOP is something every business should possess to provide comprehensive, broad liability and property coverage. It includes:

  • Property insurance for buildings and contents owned by the business
  • Equipment breakdown to pay for expenses to repair or replace damaged equipment; the income lost when a covered breakdown results in a partial or complete business interruption; the time and labor expenses to repair or replace your broken equipment
  • Business interruption insurance covering the loss of income resulting from a fire or other catastrophe that disrupts business operations
  • Liability protection for your firm’s legal responsibility for the harm it might cause to others
  • Cyber liability to protect your firm against data breaches

Our staff will evaluate the coverage amounts on your building and business personal property (inventory, furniture, equipment, etc.), your deductibles and coinsurance values, and how the insurance is applied so that you fully understand how claims will be paid based on the options you choose.

A BOP does not cover professional liability, auto insurance, and workers compensation, among other coverages. Our experts will evaluate your business operation, pinpoint exposures relative to your services and products, and recommend any additional coverages you need to add to your insurance program to protect your assets and the value of your company.