Does your business liability insurance program properly cover the complex and varied risks your company faces, especially in the event of a catastrophic loss? The fact is that standard liability policies will only provide up to a certain amount of coverage, which may not be enough if a devastating accident or injury occurs. You are in need of commercial umbrella insurance – coverage designed to provide an extra layer of protection over and above a standard liability policy.

Our professional, experienced staff at Sine Insurance Group will review your primary policies, exposures and risk tolerance to determine how much liability coverage adequately protects your assets. We will then show you how a commercial umbrella will work to safeguard all that you have built.

Under the Umbrella

A commercial umbrella policy extends liability limits in addition to your primary coverages such as those in your general liability, auto liability and other policies. It will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your business is properly covered for catastrophic lawsuits that may come your way.

In today’s litigious business environment, you can’t afford to go without this additional protection. Talk to us at Sine Insurance Group about our commercial umbrella insurance options.