Liability insurance, an imperative business insurance coverage, actually encompasses a wide variety of policies that protect businesses against hefty financial losses associated with injury to an individual outside of your company, or damage to their property. General liability insurance is the most common of these policies but it is not a general as you might think, with exclusions varying from one carrier to another. The policy is designed to reimburse legal defense costs and pay settlements and damages if you are found to be responsible for a loss, as outlined in the policy. Slips and falls or other injuries individuals sustain when visiting your business are typical loss exposures covered by this policy.

A standard general liability policy, however, will exclude some other essential coverages that your business may need, such as errors and omissions, employment practices liability, directors and officers liability, and pollution liability. For these risks, your business needs specific enhancements or additional policies that address those specific issues. At Sine Insurance Group, our experienced staff will review what is covered under a general liability policy and what additional coverages are needed to fill in the gaps and protect your assets.

Looking at Your Business Risks from Top to Bottom

We will also perform a thorough analysis of your potential risk exposures and determine where your coverage is insufficient or if you carry too much coverage. We’ll take a close look to evaluate your needs to determine if you need to increase policy limits, broaden coverage, or even add policies, etc.

As your business grows, so will your commercial insurance needs. That’s why it’s important that you have a strong general liability policy at the base of your insurance policies and insurance experts by your side supporting your growth and safeguarding the value of your business. We’re prepared to assist you at Sine Insurance Group as your business encounters new challenges now and in the future.