There are certain key aspects to a construction contract going over each party’s rights and duties. A construction contract should verify the contractor has the proper licenses and insurance. Owners should also be able to find information about the mechanic’s lien on their property if payment is not received. It is crucial that these contracts […] Read More

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Landlords and tenants do not always see eye to eye. When issues fester, they may not be an easy fix. If you are considering when you can sue your landlord, it is vital to understand why you may be able to sue and if it is your best option. Suing your landlord may be the […] Read More

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So much goes into landscape management, from jobs and employee scheduling to equipment maintenance. Issues can quickly arise and go unnoticed. Running this kind of business will require you to secure insurance policies to comply with contract terms. Landscapers are faced with a wide range of risk exposures constantly. Take note of these common ones […] Read More

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So many people are trying to avoid air travel right now, but RVers need to know how to stay safe. Spending more time outdoors can greatly improve overall health and wellness due to the increased opportunities for physical activity, mental health, and stress reduction. However, in many ways, an RV trip can lead to travel […] Read More

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Commercial property insurance is designed to protect commercial property from specific perils such as fire, theft, and natural disaster. A wide variety of businesses greatly benefit from carrying commercial property insurance. Typically, it can be bundled together with your other policies, like commercial general liability insurance. Don’t jeopardize your business’s wellbeing. Securing commercial property insurance […] Read More

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There are common misconceptions and myths associated with homeownership. You can find opposing viewpoints with many different aspects, making it difficult to clarify what is true and what isn’t. Shedding light on the confusion may help determine what is fact and what is fiction. Homeownership is often a great long-term investment. You may find it […] Read More

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Anyone who use a workspace, whether it is owned or rented, would benefit from a business owner’s policy. Many businesses have general liability insurance and commercial property insurance for office or any commercial space use. Additionally, client contracts may need general liability coverage. Regardless, a BOP is a smart protection for businesses that interact with […] Read More

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Finding a pet-friendly apartment for your dog may require some homework, but it is doable. It is helpful to seek rentals specifically advertised as pet-friendly. If a rental is not advertised as pet-friendly, you may need to negotiate and make special arrangements with the landlord. Renting with a dog can be tricky, as many landlords […] Read More

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Contractors working in the landscaping industry may or may not be fully aware of how dangerous their job is. When considering the hazards of these working conditions, there could be various things that come to mind. Landscapers don’t always encounter potentially fatal tasks. However, there is plenty of exposure to landscaping hazards that may lead […] Read More

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When it comes time to insure a guest house, there are many factors to consider. Landlord insurance is different from homeowners insurance. Insurers assess risk based on the assumption that those who own the home they are living in will take good care of it. However, renters are not as inclined to tend to a […] Read More

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