Contractor work can be very dangerous, but most job-related accidents can be avoided with the right protective measures. Incorporating strong safely measures can help to keep contractors safe on the job, as construction site accidents have the potential to be life threatening. Lower the risks by taking advantage of these easy safety practices and protecting your operation with Contractors Insurance.

Proper Communication

Accidents are more likely to take place if the worker doesn’t know what to expect. Clearly communicating the goals for the day, what is expected of them personally, and what they should look out for are all equally important. These should be communicated in a direct and concise manner. Be sure that individuals have a strong understanding before moving forward.  Fast and efficient communications among the entire team will bypass an otherwise inevitable mess.


Proper training is critical and could prevent many accidents. Implement a training program to avoid seriously harmful situations. Safety is a skill set that is best learned before the worker is on site. Take advantage of the resources  available for businesses to train their employees. It is even beneficial for those with lots of experience in the profession to regularly refresh their standard safety knowledge.


Proper equipment will help make fatal errors avoidable.  It is important that each piece of equipment be used only as it is intended. Also, be certain the equipment is suitable for the task at hand. Old or broken equipment can be highly dangerous. Invest in the time and money up front in making sure all equipment is up to par.

All machinery and material should be well maintained.

Workers should also be adequately prepared for the day’s work with water and shade to prevent dehydration and other illnesses.


Having a supervisor on site at all times can make all the difference. You can’t just assume that all employees will act in a manner of understanding the ramifications of inadequate safety precautions. Every site should have a foreman who is strong enough to strictly enforce the safety standards. The supervisor should keep an eye on each of the workers throughout the day and insist on each worker following the proper safety precautions. Not everyone is capable of doing this, so designating a supervisor who will be best for keeping contractors safe can make a huge impact. Also, simply having supervision on site can motivate the employees to work in a more aware manner and apply the safely procedures planned for them.

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