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Running an HVAC business can be complex, but luckily, no matter the state of the economy, HVAC companies tend to do well if they are equipped with a strong brand presence and strategic marketing.  Generating new HVAC leads and closing sales in the HVAC industry may be difficult. Still, on top of traditional advertising like the radio, you can use digital marketing ideas to advertise your HVAC company in a low-cost and high-impact manner. While excellent technicians and quality service are a must, you can use various HVAC marketing strategies to improve your online presence, generate more leads, and close more sales.

There are so many HVAC marketing strategies available to you to increase the reach of your business.

Local Search Engine

Local HVAC marketing is the main component of operating a successful HVAC marketing campaign. While other industries may be trying to reach as many people as possible, HVAC marketing must be focused on getting local customers’ attention. Many factors make up affordable local SEO packages, but you can generate more foot traffic with local HVAC marketing campaigns.

Since HVAC companies likely serve the local community, local SEO is the perfect marketing channel to generate more leads. Local SEO is a specialized type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to reach a target audience within close proximity to a business and service area. SEO can also be used to show up at the top of organic listings. This shows business locations near you and helps you stay competitive in your market. To reap the benefits that come from local SEO, you should:

  • Add Contact Information To All Pages
  • Add Your Business To Local Directories
  • Setup and Optimize Google My Business
  • Use Local Business Schema
  • Local Link Building
  • Generate More Reviews
  • Create Local Content

Even if you serve multiple areas, local SEO can be used to place your business at the top of search engines, and this can significantly boost your visibility to your audience.

Google Ads

Targeted HVAC ads can be built through Google Ads to supercharge the marketing strategy. This is a proven way to generate more HVAC leads. The advertising strategy should be based on generating more HVAC leads from qualified and local customers. It is important that your HVAC marketing ideas work with geotargeting strategies to stay within budget and only push advertising to recipients near you. Google Ads are made to tailor a unique message and target your ads based on specific keywords, audience demographic, and geographic location. Google Ads offers a wide range of benefits for HVAC marketing, and HVAC contractors can use Google ads to drive more sales and calls. Google Ads can help with:

  • Keeping costs efficient
  • Bringing a high ROI
  • Bringing excellent data
  • Keeping ads targeted
  • Allowing for ad extensions

The marketing strategy must focus on how to get your company in front of local qualified prospects. Google Local Service Ads will generate more local HVAC leads. This is a great way for HVAC contractors to drive more leads because each ad shows critical information to drive a conversion like:

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Operating Hours
  • Number of Ratings

Customer Reviews

Reviews are crucial for any business selling a product or service. Consider how many people now do their shopping online. They are likely to check out the number of reviews and the number of stars a business has. These reviews are your testimonials to show how trustworthy your business is, and they can be used to fuel the local marketing strategy.

Reviews are used to support your other marketing efforts, as they can not generate more HVAC leads on their own, but you can put on ads and your site to speak volumes. It’s also been shown that reviews can boost engagement for local SEO and other marketing strategies.

A great way to generate customer reviews is to reach out to past and current customers to discuss their experience. No matter how you communicate with your customers, it is in your best interest to get as many customer reviews as possible on Google and other platforms to help your business stand out.


Blogging is not common in the HVAC industry, which means blogs can be used as leverage to stand out from the competition, get found in Google, and increase customer trust. They should be specifically HVAC-related topics that are important to your local market. Think about your customer’s actions based on the season and write content that would be of service to them.

Blogging can:

  • Improve your authority and trust among clients
  • Answer specific questions customers are searching for
  • Increase Organic Traffic with keywords and relevant content
  • Complement social media efforts


Consider using YouTube and short videos to help build your brand and generate more local HVAC leads. Videos are a great way to build trust with prospective customers.

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, so why not use it to your advantage to get in front of your audience.

Not only is video a great way to share information with your customers, but this visual medium can also build trust and authority with your customers.  Videos can even be used as an extension to your blog posts and can be posted on different mediums to help build a relationship with viewers.

You can share about your staff, products, and even how to complete HVAC jobs. Paid YouTube ads that reach a targeted audience based on demographics, location, and interest are also options.

Use Email Marketing

It is important to keep your current customer base engaged. While email marketing is not one of the most exciting HVAC advertising ideas, it is one of the most cost-efficient and effective marketing strategies to use. Gather contact information about each customer after each HVAC job. This information allows you to reach out to your clients, as your HVAC services are needed each year. You may even want to set them up with unique mailing lists based on the original job and service that you provided. For instance, if you installed an A.C. unit, you can set them up on an email list sending helpful information about new A.C. maintenance and an automated email each year, reminding them about your A.C. maintenance plans and benefits.

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