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Contractors working in the landscaping industry may or may not be fully aware of how dangerous their job is. When considering the hazards of these working conditions, there could be various things that come to mind. Landscapers don’t always encounter potentially fatal tasks. However, there is plenty of exposure to landscaping hazards that may lead to severe injuries and permanent health issues.

Consider these common landscaping hazards in the industry and how to avoid them.

Motor Vehicles and Equipment

Motor vehicle accidents are the main reason for fatal incidences for landscapers, including traffic accidents, since they are frequently traveling from job to job, so there is more risk of collision. Safe driving practices must be a top priority for these contractors. It is important to prepare the job site before starting the work to establish adequate traffic control, such as using flaggers to increase safety. Landscapers should wear bright colors to increase their chances of being seen by drivers.

Also, to avoid cuts, amputations, electrical injuries, and sprains and strains while working with tools and powered equipment, workers must stay alert, focusing on their immediate tasks and surroundings. Distraction near dangerous equipment should be avoided at all costs.

It is also important to keep tools sharp, as dull tools require more force, making repetitive stress injuries, cuts, and amputations much more likely. Thorough knowledge of the equipment being used can prevent severe injuries as well.

Pesticide Exposure

Regularly, those in this industry encounter serious health hazards. It may be beneficial to use hearing protection for intense noise exposure. Pesticide exposure is another significant issue for landscapers and can lead to a wide variety of health complications. These harmful elements can enter the body by mouth, skin, and eyes. Making sure you are entirely covered and using gloves and eye protection each time you work can help repel these chemicals you come across regularly. Be sure to check labels and any safety data, and stay well informed on chemical handling safety.

Heat, Sun and Infectious Diseases

Since landscapers often face all the environmental hazards you can think of, they must take these exposures seriously. Excessive time in the sun may lead to heat stroke or skin cancer. It is worth your time, effort, and money to stay informed on products that can reduce your risk and prevent overexposure to the sun.

With all the time spent around standing water and plants, you are also at high risk for biting/stinging insects and other animals. Pests often carry diseases, so they are not only a nuisance, but they are also a serious hazard to your health and safety.

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