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Are you about to set off on the adventure of a lifetime? Buying an RV is an incredibly exciting process, not unlike purchasing your first home or your first car. But it’s also a pretty involved one. With aspects of both a home and a vehicle, RVs come in a tremendous variety. Here’s what you need to know before you go shopping.

Get Your Financing Sorted First

Very few people purchase an RV outright: most people finance it like a vehicle. With an RV purchase, you should look for financing first. RV financing can be a little more difficult to acquire than traditional car or home financing, and you want to be prepared with your budget in advance. You also don’t usually want to finance at a lot: you’ll end up spending more.

Decide Whether to Buy New or Used

Buying a new RV means you’re going to be under warranty, it’ll be more reliable, and it’ll have more safety features. These aren’t things to scoff at if you’re going to be taking a lot of long trips. At the same time, a used RV is going to be far more affordable: like cars, RVs depreciate the second you take them off the lot. Another thing to consider: newer RVs tend to be far more eco-friendly, while older RVs are generally known to be gas guzzlers.

Whether you want to buy new or used is often going to come down to your budget and the size of the RV you want. If you do buy used, you should take your time and get a complete inspection by a mechanic before you make the purchase: you will want an expert to tell you whether there are things in the RV that you’ll have to repair.

Take Your Time Making a Decision

Since RVs are so varied and different, it’s best to take your time, look at many different models and lots, and get a feel for what you want. An RV isn’t just a car it’s also a place you’re going to be calling home. That means that things like design and decor could actually matter, as well as things such as having a functional cooking space.

…And Don’t Forget the RV Insurance

RV insurance is exceptionally important: you’re insuring a car and a home in one. Before you even begin to shop, you may want to get an insurance quote: it’s going to impact your monthly costs associated with your RV. Like a car or a home, your insurance costs will go up depending on the value of the RV, its safety features, and its likelihood of experiencing major maintenance problems.

Getting an RV is the first step towards hitting the open road, and it should be a fun-filled process. Still, it’s important not to forget about safety, and to get your insurance quotes early. Contact the Sine Insurance Group for more information.

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