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If you’re like most people, at least one New Year’s Resolution involves bettering your health in some way. However, the health of your vehicle is equally important. As most of us use our vehicles for regular commuting, maintaining the car is critical for getting to and from work, events, social gatherings, etc. Therefore, this New Year, create a new habit for maintaining your vehicle and keep it protected with a comprehensive Wright City Auto Insurance policy. Here are a few considerations to keep your car running reliably.


The air and tread on your tires are critical to your safety. If the tread on the tires is completely worn down and bald, it’s time to replace them. Further, the tire pressure should be regularly checked. If the air pressure is too low, gas mileage can affected. In fact, Car Care Council of America stated that proper tire inflation increases gas mileage by more than 3%!

Oil and Air Filters

Changing the oil is one of the most important components of vehicle maintenance. By regularly changing the oil, the car runs more smoothly and prevents internal damage of your vehicle. In addition, like the filters in your home, your car’s air filters absorb all the impurities and debris that accumulates over time. These are inexpensive and easily replaced, but don’t forget about them!

Check the Brakes

This is essential to driving safety. If the brakes are squeaky, it probably means you’re due for new brake pads. Bear in mind that this is a simple fix when replaced immediately. If not, the rotors can become damaged and cost you twice as much to repair.

Clean it Up

Washing your car protects its paint job and prevents scratching and dings. Plus, people will know you take pride in your vehicle.

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