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While summer can be a busy time for your equine business, it’s also the prime season for your horses to face dehydration, malaise, and heat exhaustion. The excess heat can take a toll on your animals, so it’s important to take the proper precautions to ensure their safety during the summer months. In addition, be sure to acquire a customized Wright City Equine Insurance Package to protect your operations and your animals.

Schedule turnout times appropriately.

Have the horses turn out for the cooler part of the day. If possible, allow them to roam overnight and go back in their stables during the day. However, if not, early morning or late afternoon are ideal to prevent them from overheating. Bear in mind that the pasture might be adversely affected by the harsh heat, so additional feeding might be necessary to keep your horses in proper condition.

Provide constant shade.

While trees can provide temporary shade, the moment the sun moves, so does their shade cover. If possible, allow them to escape the heat in a shed or in a barn to cool off. Further, fresh water with an electrolyte source should be available at all times. Be sure to replace water constantly to keep it fresh and encourage them to drink it often.

Slow down the work.

Your horse might love going out for runs and being ridden, but when the heat and humidity escalate, your horse’s energy level is bound to decrease. According to The Horse, give frequent breaks, cool your horse down slowly, and offer frequent sips of cool water; take the tack off as soon as you’re done and sponge the horse off again with cool water.

Prevent sunburn.

Horses, especially white and grey ones, are susceptible to sunburns. Consider using a fly sheet to protect their skin and apply sunblock to exposed areas. Of course, keeping them out of the direct sunlight is ideal, but use this tactic for when they are out of their stables.

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