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With summer right around the corner, you’re likely going to be traveling a lot in your recreational vehicle (RV). While this may be a fun way to enjoy the warm weather and your family, you are still exposed to plenty of risks on the road. Therefore, it’s imperative to protect your vehicle with a sound Insurance policy. Next, become familiar with these common RV related accidents.

The size of the RV.

As you’re likely going to be one of the biggest vehicles on the road, it’s often difficult to see smaller vehicles and maneuver safely. The height and size of the RV make it more difficult to handle than a small vehicle and take longer to speed up and slow down. Furthermore, be wary of overpasses and any trees that may be lining the streets as you’re more prone to colliding with them.

Surrounding cars.

Blind spots are larger in RV’s so be cautious when making lane changes. Also, give yourself plenty of time before making a lane change to anticipate the space it will take to do so safely.

Maintenance Issues.

Meticulous maintenance can prevent breakdowns and collisions in your RV. Especially before setting out on the road, there are numerous things that need to be checked. According to RV Goddess, here is a checklist of all the inspections that should be regularly completed:

  • Inspect all hoses, and belt for cracking
  • Check headlights, turn signal, tail lights
  • Check your tires for the correct air pressure
  • Check any hitch or towing equipment

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