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Every restaurant owner strives to maintain a pristine kitchen and dining space. However, with food inherently comes pesky critters. In order to maintain your reputation and keep a sanitary workplace, pest control is a necessary cost for the service industry. In this article, we’ll discuss how restaurant owners can uphold a pest-free environment. Equally important is protecting your entire operation, from of the house to the back, with a specialized Wright City Restaurant Insurance program.

Make it sanitary.

Any area that’s difficult to clean, such as underneath ramps or in the crevices between equipment, can serve as a refuge for pests. You can reduce the number of microenvironments in your kitchen by selecting equipment with lockable wheels and installing flexible gas and electric lines, which can accommodate movement during cleaning. Place food waste in trash bags, promptly dispose of it, and always shut the dumpster lid, says The National Restaurant Association.

Be sure to position dumpsters away from entrances to your restaurant to minimize access points.

Storing practices.

Never store food items on the floor. Instead, place items on stackable shelves in sealed containers. Next, ensure rooms with storage are well ventilated and moisture controlled to prevent attracting pests.

Focus on your building structure.

Pests are less likely to inhabit stone structures. So, while landscaping looks beautiful, it’s best if there’s a layer of concrete between the access points and the grass. Next, scope out the building to ensure there are no cracks in the foundation, pipes are sealed, and grout is in good shape.

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