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Equine business is one that is steeped in tradition and an industry that has not yet fully grasped the internet in terms of marketing tactics. With that being said, it’s time to showcase your business on digital platforms to attract more clientele and boost your business. So, in addition to backing your business with a sound Wright City Equine Insurance program, heed the following marketing advice.

Use Google +.

This creates authorship and community among the equine industry. According to Equine Marketing Success, with one Gmail account you can build a Google+ profile page, a local business profile (business profile that appears next to a local map in a search), a YouTube channel, a blogger blog and, importantly, all of these web properties can interact seamlessly to market your business. Take advantage of this versatile platform and start building rapport within your community.


The majority of people and businesses have Facebook, so that’s why your business should too! Use Facebook to build your brand, start conversations, and interact with followers. The more buzz you create, the more likely someone is to share your posts and get the word out about your business.

Create original content.

There is an expectation from consumers, especially in niche markets, that a web site will contain insightful information as well as products. Good informative content is rewarded by Google, but the reward filters into higher conversions through building rapport with site visitors, says the article. Create fresh, original content on a regular basis to draw in equine professionals and build your customer base.


Regularly posting material is not only great for your website, but it’s great for attracting customers. People want to read quality information about horses, and your blog can do just that. Relate your content to your business and create links to your site and your products to really engage the reader.

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