If you own a motorcycle and live in Missouri, it’s in your best interest to carry Missouri Motorcycle Insurance to be adequately protected. Consider the various types of available coverages, depending on your type of bike and what you use it for. Make sure that the amount of medical coverage on your policy is generous, as motorcycling is inherently more dangerous than traveling by car. If an accident does occur, it’s likely you will be injured worse and need medical help. The same goes for securing Uninsured/Underinsured Driver protection, ensuring that if the other vehicle’s driver does not have insurance or enough insurance, you’ll still be covered. Another component is comprehensive insurance that provides coverage if your motorcycle was stolen. This is particularly important if you live in the bigger Missouri cities where it is more common for motorcycles to be stolen. 

What are the Minimum Requirements for Missouri Motorcycle Insurance?

The state mandates specific minimum requirements for Missouri Motorcycle Insurance cover that any motorcyclists must adhere to.

To legally ride, you must obtain: 

$25,000 – Bodily Injury Cover for one person

$50,000 – Maximum Bodily injury cover for the whole accident

$10,000 – Property Damage Liability Cover

The minimum level of coverage for property damage is considerably lower than most other states. It is typically at least $25,000 or more, and the bodily injury coverage minimums are about average. However, keep in mind that these are the very minimum coverage levels – not what is recommended if you want sufficient protection. In reality, they make up the basic foundation of provision, but don’t cover what is fully needed if a disaster occurred. It is smart for riders to increase the basic levels of liability coverage and add other protection layers. You must have the right motorcycle coverage for you and your lifestyle. Speak to an agent to make sure you’ve made informed choices. 

Factors that Affect Your Insurance

Simply put, it is crucial for those who ride a motorcycle to secure insurance. So know you might wonder what factors affect motorcycle insurance rates

Credit score

Credit history will affect premiums as motorcycle riders with poor credit are more likely to file a claim, so insurers typically raise premiums for these customers to compensate for the risk.

Age and driving history

Insurers perform a risk assessment based on your age and any traffic accidents/ violations on your record, both for your motorcycle AND your car.


If you travel in severe accident or crime areas, or you park on the street, risks greatly increase. 

Road time

If you ride throughout the year, your risk is much higher than those who only ride a few months of the year, or only on weekends.

Motorcycle make and model

How expensive, new, and powerful is your bike? All of these factors make a difference when it comes to repairs and insurance costs. 

After-market additions

Are there any added specialty components on your bike, such as a custom frame? If so, it will also impact the coverage you need and potentially the cost. 

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