As a homeowner, is it critical to protect what is likely your largest investment. In order to achieve the proper coverage, it is important to know what types of factors affect your insurance premiums. Below are the top five factors that affect your Wright City Homeowners Insurance costs.

Age and Construction Materials

An older home is typically more expensive to insure than a new construction as it is more prone to have more structural and foundation issues. Further, homes that are constructed out of fire-resistant materials like brick, concrete and stone are cheaper to insure than homes constructed with soft, flammable materials like wood, says Insurance Web.


If the home is located in a disaster prone, high-crime, or a costly area to build, rates will likely jump for homeowners insurance.  Further, if a fire station is not located within 5 miles of the home, this will affect rates, as well.

History of Claims

If you have a lengthy history of filing insurance claims, this will cause your rates to increase. Therefore, small fixes should be completed independently, if possible.

Risk Factors

Some additional factors need to be considered when calculating your homeowners insurance premium including swimming pools, guest houses, specific dog breeds, trampolines, and more.

Credit Score

Many insurance companies take credit score into account when determining the risk factor for insuring individuals. As those who have higher credit scores typically file less claims, their premiums cost less.

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