Home renovations are always a lot to take on. Because of the sheer size and scale of the project, not to mention the cost, these overhauls can be a stressful time for homeowners. Even if you planned a strict budget and are working within your means, there are inevitably going to be unexpected costs associated with a renovation. Therefore, we have created a list to shed light on some of the extra expenses you can expect. Even more importantly, protect your investment with a customized Wright City Home Insurance policy.

Extra muscle.

You might think you can move an entire house full of furniture by yourself, but you’ll likely need some help. Hiring some extra muscle could run you an extra $500 on top of your original budget.

Anxious animals.

If your dog or cat is timid and doesn’t do well with noise and new people, you might need to invest in a temporary boarding facility or dog walker. Or, if you have friends or family close by that would be happy to take your pet for the day, this is a more suitable and less expensive option.

Eating out.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’re going to need to figure out dinner. Even remodeling in other rooms can create a storm of dust, making it nearly impossible to cook. Therefore, you’ll need to set aside money for eating out each week. To cut down these costs, consider buying prepackaged frozen meals that you can throw in the oven or microwave for the time being.

Dumpster fees.

Expect to spend about $400 on your trash-mobile, but contractors can provide localized, ballpark dumpster estimates.

Once it’s in your driveway, save some extra cash by using the dumpster to ditch unwanted stuff accumulating around your house. Tired of those nasty old blinds? Say adieu, without paying extra disposal fees. Just leave room for the construction junk, says House Logic.

Professional cleaning.

Once your home is renovated and everything is where it should be, you’re going to need to rid the place of construction dust. Allocate a few days to get rid of as much as you can, then call in the professionals. Professional cleaning will run you about $150 to get every last nook and cranny.

Higher utility bills.

Power tools, AC, fans, and doors constantly open are going to contribute to higher energy bills. Allot an extra 15-20% in energy costs during renovations.

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