Every business is only as good as its owner, especially in the early days when it’s still growing. As a business owner, in addition to being the face of your business, you’re in a position where you can inspire your employees and drive the growth of your business.

To achieve success in your business, acquiring a few traits and developing a few habits can serve you well. Some of these habits don’t come naturally to many folks, but being able to adapt is important. Sure, maybe we can be stubborn and even slow to change, but something evolving is what is needed to become better. The following habits have proven to be successful for business owners.

Get Up Early

Successful business owners get a ton of focused work done from about 5am to 7am. This could be client work,  journaling, meditating or planning the week. It is great to get a jump on the coming storm of the day. You can get so much done before everyone else has even woken up. For some, it is the only quiet time that exists in the day.


Ignore distractions and focus on the highest payoff work first. This may include doing the grunt work they don’t really want to do. Create a to-do list in order of priority. There’s something really freeing about realizing you’ve conquered the toughest thing you have to do that day by 9am! You can get so much more done in total because you won’t be fussing around trying to figure out how to put off what you should be doing.

Clarify Values

Focus on value, in products, processes, communication, service, and content. Delivering value, measuring value and increasing value in everything you do, you’ll realize that everything matters and there are no small things. The best way to serve your clientele is to obsess over value.

Work on Your Stamina

Running a business is physically and mentally demanding.  It can also be so rewarding, if you maintain the stamina to put in long, high energy days.

Take time to recharge, re-energize and refuel through things like exercise, healthy eating,  and rest. Once you’ve been doing this for a while you start to realize that investing in yourself will pay significant dividends in terms of productivity.

Fill the Gaps

Always be asking what’s missing to recognize gaps in what you have, how you communicate and what’s in demand. There are few better ways to succeed in business than to find a need and fill it, especially when that need exists in people who already trust you to serve them.

The key is to understand your target audience to retain the information, products and services they seek.

Stay Inspired

These days you can run your entire business without actually interacting with other human beings, but humans need to interact in order to live.

If you’re to grow, feel, learn, and understand you’ve got to get out of the office. Go to a conference, grab coffee with a customer, and mingle with those you consider weird to find strategic partners, new perspectives and opportunities to learn and grow. Truly loving to learn and striving to figure out how to teach and tell stories will be part of your success.

Stay Protected

When your business is growing, it only takes one claim to derail all of the progress you’ve made. Make sure that your investment and your employees are thoroughly protected with an insurance plan. If your business is just getting off the ground and you don’t think you have it in your budget, a Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a great package program that will provide the coverage you need at an affordable rate.

About Sine Insurance

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