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It’s not uncommon for many owners to ice their horse’s legs after rigorous exercise. As it reduces inflammation and discomfort for the horse, this is an ideal recovery method. However, what about your horse’s hooves? Instead of waiting until after an incident that affects your equine business, make icing hooves a daily maintenance task. Let us take a closer look at the common reasons your horse may need its hooves iced. Next, ensure your business is secured with a comprehensive MO Equine Insurance Package.

According to Dover Saddlery, work closely with your veterinarian to create an icing plan for your horse based on medical history,exercise schedule,conformation, and job.  Your veterinarian is also the only one who can diagnose and prescribe medications for your horse’s hoof issues. Involve the vet if you suspect any hoof injuries or diseases. In addition to these common causes for hoof icing, stay on top of your horse’s physical condition. Report to your vet immediately if you are suspicious.

Hard, uneven pavement.

During training, a ride, or a workout, your horse’s hooves- especially the front hooves- work really hard. If the pavement is uneven and causes a struggle to get their footing, icing can help.

Hoof bruising.

Bruising is extremely uncomfortable for horses and a condition that will likely worsen if left untreated. Immediately start an icing regimen once you see any bruising.

History of hoof issues.

If any of our horses suffer from laminitis or other common hoof issues, they can benefit from a regular icing routine.

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