Spring is in full swing and that means one thing: so is spring cleaning. While the projects are undoubtedly piling up from the winter, take advantage of the coming warm weather to prioritize the important indoor and outdoor projects. In addition, make sure your home is secured with the best Wright City Homeowners Insurance available.


Inspect the roof for any missing shingles as this can lead to leaks later on. Next, ensure the chimney flue is cleaned out. If it doesn’t seem to be ventilating properly, enlist the help of a certified inspector to reconcile the issue. Check exterior walls to see if there are any water spots, particularly by the gutter system. This could indicate a faulty gutter and the runoff is seeping into the foundation rather than draining water away from the home. Last, reseal windows with caulking to make sure no openings are visible.


Rake the lawn to remove any branches, debris and leaves that you might have missed in the fall; if left, they can suffocate the grass beneath, says Bob Vila. Inspect patios for any warped wood and clean it thoroughly to preserve the life of the deck. Further, old decks should be washed, stained and sealed to prevent moisture from entering during the course of the year.


This is the perfect time to make sure your AC unit is working and that it has a fresh filter. Also, it’s important to examine the attic for any sign of colonization from unwanted critters and identify if any mold spores have started to form-they often look like little black spots similar to a stain. If there is mold, hire a professional to remove it immediately and ensure the ventilation and the insulation are examined as these are often the culprits of the issue.

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