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Anyone who owns a vehicle knows that there are two expenses you cannot dodge: gas and Wright City Car Insurance. While paying your premium gives you peace of mind and covers you in the event of an accident, did you know there’s a few discounts you can qualify for? Everyone has heard of bundling discounts, but read on to discover the ones you might be missing out on.

New car safety features.

When considering your purchase of a new or pre-owned car less than three years old, remember that features like passive restraint systems (airbags, motorized seat belts) can save you even more money. Because the inclusion of safety features in new cars can qualify you for a variety of discounts, check with your insurance carrier to see which ones you can claim on your policy, says Mint.

Marriage discount.

Statistics show that married people have fewer accidents than single ones. If you’ve recently tied the knot, ask your insurance carrier if this discount is available. Or, if you’re already married, combine you and your spouse’s policies to reap additional benefits of the bundling discount.

You have teen drivers.

Yes, usually the younger the driver, the higher the premium, however if your teen gets good grades (above a B average) or attends college more than 100 miles from home (and doesn’t bring his or her car), you can somewhat offset the cost of adding a teen to your policy.

You own a home.

Similar to the married couple statistics, home ownership has indicated fewer accidents than those who rent. Ask your carrier if they offer this discount.

Miscellaneous discounts.

If you pay your premium up front, opt for paperless billing, are a part of the military, are over 55, or belong to some professional service organizations, you might also be eligible for discounts.



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