As we discussed in our previous blog, home safety is a feature everyone deserves, even if you’re renting. With that in mind, we are going to go deeper into getting to know the neighborhood you wish to move to. You might have found a great place at a reasonable price, but at what cost when it comes to safety? In addition to protecting your space with a comprehensive Wright City Renters Insurance policy, consider the following tips on feeling out your new neighborhood.

Scope out your address.

According to Business Insider, before you buy a home or move into a neighborhood, it behooves you to actually do the research and see whether or not your beliefs are accurate.  Check out the Megan’s Law databases to see where registered sex offenders may live, especially if you have young children or other reasons to be particularly worried. Google your specific address to see if any crime has taken place there in the past, as well.

Next, use Trulia’s new Crime Maps. It can provide insightful and detailed information about your potential place and your neighborhood. You can tap into knowledge about potential break-ins, robberies, and other crimes.

Find the soul of the neighborhood.

Whether you want a hot spot close to local eateries and bars, or are looking for top notch schools in the area, you can get a good feel for how people live in your prospective neighborhood by researching online. Find out where the parks, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, schools, gas stations, etc. are located to see if it’s a feasible distance for you to commute.

Visit day and night.

The nature of a neighborhoods changes – sometimes dramatically – before and after the sun goes down.  Also, if you visit a home during the week or when it’s cold and rainy out, the street will undoubtedly be busier and noisier – more reflective of the extremes you should be aware of – on the weekend or when the weather is grand.  So, before you buy, go see the place in sunlight and after dark, during the week and on the weekend, recommends the article.

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