As the new year is just unfolding, now is the time to evaluate and improve your practices and procedures. If you don’t know what areas need focus, your business will suffer, which is why we’re going to highlight some key tickets to success this year. 2018 is the year to break old habits for the better, and your employees and restaurant will thank you. In addition to protecting yourself with a comprehensive Wright City Restaurant Insurance program, consider the following advice.

Don’t settle for average employees.

It can be a challenge to find dedicated and quality employees in any field, and the restaurant industry is no exception. But, settling for less than stellar employees means your reputation and customer service will suffer. Remember, happy customers are the backbone of your successful restaurant, and you can’t afford to pay someone to not deliver. Make an effort to weed out the people who don’t want to be there and staff your restaurant with enthusiastic employees.

Ask for help.

You can’t manage your restaurant, serve customers, take care of staffing and do everything else by yourself. You have a team for a reason, don’t be shy about leaning on them. In fact, this will give your employees a sense of purpose and pride in their work, so don’t let operations suffer because you’re too proud to ask for assistance.

Never play favorites.

You might think you don’t play favorites on your team, but the truth is you’re probably doing so without realizing it. Do you have a go-to person whenever a project comes about? Who’s the one you dish to about your personal life? Have you taken anyone on as a mentee? Though unintentional, these sorts of relationships will call for extra attention to a specific employee, and that, in turn, can cause a rift among your team, says Toast.

Start standing out.

Every business that opens up in your market is going to challenge you. You can’t stop competition from opening, but you can compete. Don’t wait until you’re on the defense. Instead, focus on being proactive in your approach- fine-tune customer service, ensure your branding is consistent, tailor your menu to your demographic, etc. Your competition wants what you have a solid customer base and a longstanding relationship with your community. Fight for your reputation and your business in 2018.

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