HVAC systems are essential to comfortable living. What makes maintaining the good health of a system challenging is that it’s comprised of many parts, and each one has to function properly or the whole machine may break down. As we head into the summer months, HVAC systems are going to be of the utmost importance for people living in warm climates, and a broken-down system would be a nightmare for these people. So you’l prepared to fix these problems, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these common HVAC issues.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are very common in home cooling systems. Most condensers require a liquid refrigerant, and without proper amounts of this liquid, the machine won’t function properly.  You’ll notice the air conditioning is blowing out warm air. During the spring and summer months, this can become a major issue, making a home too stuffy and hot.The system will need replaced. A leaking refrigerant causes the condenser to work a lot harder, resulting in increased wear and tear.

Since air conditioners need refrigerant to work properly, ensure that the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specification exactly, and is neither undercharged nor overcharged. The balance allows for it to function most efficiently.

Electric Control Failure

If compressor and fan controls have failed, it may mean that the terminals and wires have begun to corrode. This is particularly common with air conditioners that are powered on and off frequently. 

Dirty Filters

To ensure air conditioners are functioning at their best, filters  must be changed about once a month. As you may know, this will keep a system clean and prevent the motor from having to work overtime, which shortens the life of the unit and burns more energy.

Dirty filters make it challenging for a system to pull in enough air to cool. Try to encourage clients to take care of their filters on a regular basis to avoid major mechanical issues.

Drainage Problems

It is very common for the condensation pump on air conditioners to break. This causes the water to pool instead of drain. If a unit is located near the home’s foundation, this may cause major water damage. This means the system will work harder and less efficiently altogether, so be prepared for drainage issues to arise.

Sensor Malfunctions

The thermostat sensor detects the temperature of the air and then signals the system to turn on or off. Since this process is what ensures a consistent, comfortable temperature, when the sensor isn’t working the unit doesn’t know when to cycle on or off. If the air conditioner or heater isn’t turning on, it might not be broken. You’ll need to determine if the sensor is the issue.


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