While moving houses or apartments in the dead of winter might not sound very appealing, there are actually some benefits in doing so. For one thing, you can get a great deal since most people move during May and September. Even though you’ll have to brave the weather, moving in winter is not impossible. In addition to securing your new place and your belongings with a customized MO Renters Insurance policy, be sure to take the following precautions.

Watch the weather.

Keep an eye on the weather report for your moving day. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get from your old place to your new one and map out routes that avoid busy highways in order to ensure your safety.

Don’t pack winter supplies.

Rather than stow away important supplies such as a shovel, an ice scraper, and winter gear, keep them handy in your car. You’ll likely need them right when you get to your new home, so plan ahead!

Ask for help.

Don’t attempt an entire move alone. Hiring a moving company has a lot of benefits, including a faster move and no heavy lifting, and those benefits are amplified when you move during the winter. But if you can’t afford to hire movers, get as many friends and family members involved as possible, which will lighten the load and prevent you from moving in and out of the cold all day long, recommends U.S. Money. Be sure to thank them for their hard work with food and drinks afterwards.

Keep it clean.

To prevent tracking water and dirt into your new place, keep doormats and towels handy. Wipe down boxes and furniture that might have collected dirty snow and rain during the trek. Place wet boxes on towels while you unpack them to prevent water from seeping into your flooring, as well.

Board your pets.

The last thing you need is your pet accidentally being let out or stepped on during the day. Have a friend or family member watch your pet until you’re settled, or board them in veterinarian’s office.

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