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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably set at least one New Year’s resolution to better yourself in 2020. Your vehicle’s well-being can be part of your resolution too! After all, it will be what gets you to where you need for many other goals. Consider these auto maintenance tips this New Year to help you keep your ride in good condition and save the time, hassle and money that can come from expensive repairs. 

Tire Pressure 

Consistent air pressure maintenance is key to getting good gas mileage. Once a month, visually inspect all four tires regularly to make sure they don’t look flat and check your owner’s manual to see what their pressure level should be. You can go to the service station or get a good personal pressure gauge to check your tire pressure. 

Oil & Filter 

Reference your owner’s manual for guidelines for how often you should have your oil changed. That inexpensive oil change is the single most effective action you can take to keep your car healthy. With fresh oil and a clean oil filter, your car runs smoother, is more efficient, gets better gas mileage, and produces fewer emissions. 


Transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid are essential to your car health and your safety. An unexpected drop in any of these levels could be a warning of a leak or other issue that is still developing. Keeping an eye on your fluids will allow you to fix any problem that arises before it becomes serious. 

Belts, Hoses, & Cables 

Regularly belt, hose, and cable inspections are a must to catch any cracks or other developing problems. Your owner’s manual will also have recommendations on regular replacement schedules as well.  If you’re not quite certain what you’re looking for, ask your mechanic to do a quick inspection during any maintenance visit. A quality mechanic will already know to do this, but it’s ok to ask, too.

Tire Rotation, Balancing, and Alignment

If your car is dragging a bit to the right or left, it may be due to unevenness in your tires’ balance or alignment. Rotating the tires and inspecting the alignment of the wheels on a regular basis helps ensure even wear on the tread and keeps handling in line. 


A tiny scratch in the paint today could develop into a big rusty problem if it’s neglected for an extended period of time. Point out scratches to your mechanic. They can order touch-up paint that matches your car’s color to fix it up.


What may sometimes be difficult with light checks is that they’re on the outside of the car, where you usually aren’t. Take some time once a month to turn on all the lights, including the turn signals, and walk around your car to make sure they’re all in good working order.   

In addition to performing maintenance, take advantage of a fresh new year to take a second look at your Auto Insurance policy. Do you have all the coverage that you need? Has anything changed since you last updated your policy? If you’re at all unsure, contact your insurance agent today to discuss your coverage. Let’s make 2020 a great year to be on the road!

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