In our last post, we discussed some of the unexpected costs of remodeling your home. While many of these costs have to do with outside factors such as dining out and anxious pets, there are some additional costs that can be identified and prevented during the renovation itself. As we explore these common issues, ensure your home is adequately protected by a Wright City Home Insurance policy.

Avoiding every possible pitfall is impossible, but getting familiar with red flags from the start can save you from bursting your budget. Identifying load-bearing walls is another essential advance tactic; if you’re not certain what holds up what, have a contractor, engineer, or architect advise you. Also, before you decide to cut into any wall—anywhere—determine what’s inside it, says Tom Silva, a general contractor. “Go into the attic and basement to see if there are pipes or ductwork running into the wall, and look on the other side of it for registers or radiators,” Silva explains to This Old House.

Another tip? Look under sinks and cabinets for dark spots that indicate water damage. This is common in kitchens and bathrooms, so take a look around before gutting anything. This way, you can manage the issue without increasing costs to your overall budget.

However, you can’t predict the issues you might run into if the previous owner hired careless professionals do to renovations. Structural damage, faulty piping, water leaks, and unsafe electrical work can take a bite out of your budget. Therefore, experts recommend that you allot 15% of your budget to handling these unexpected costs.



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