In our last two posts, we went over the basics of home security that renters should take, including researching and getting to know your new neighborhood. In this blog, we’re going to dive deeper into the key security measures that renters should take to feel secure in their home. Consider the following advice and secure your dwelling with a Wright City Renters Insurance policy.

Get new door locks.

Replacing your locks reduces the risk of unwanted persons being able to access your new place. Many landlords say they’ve replaced the locks, but sometimes apartment managers will just rotate the old locks between apartments, and extra keys are not always returned. When you move into new housing, you never know how many keys have gone missing or how many previous tenants may still have keys. Ask your landlord about having your locks replaced with brand new locks, not redistributed old ones, says Safe Wise.

Window locks.

If your apartment or house is one level, you’ll need to invest in some window locks. This can prevent intruders from easily accessing your dwelling. Most importantly, make sure the locks are secure and cannot be picked from the outside.

Secure sliding doors.

Sliding doors are great for easy access and taking in the view. However, if these doors are not secured, they make an easy entry point for thieves. If your apartment or house does not come equipped with an inside bar, you might consider buying one. Sliding doors can easily come off the tracks, especially older ones, so putting a pole on the track when not in use is your best bet.

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