Moving into your first place, or just a new one, is always exciting. Getting your own space and furnishing it yourself can be very rewarding and meaningful. However, while you might be concerned with the aesthetics of the place, you could be overlooking some significant problematic features – or lack thereof – in the meantime. Here to guide you in the right direction, we have compiled a list of major mistakes that renters commonly make – and how to avoid them. Wherever you end up, be sure your belongings are protected with a customized Wright City Renters Insurance policy.

Mistake #1: Getting distracted by the looks of it.

Sure, the apartment might have hardwood floors and a stunning fireplace, but have you considered the layout? If the functionality doesn’t work, you could be signing yourself up for a long 6 or 12 months. Think about the location of the bathrooms, the noise level, the storage, and the washer and dryer location (if any!).

Mistake #2: Focusing exclusively on rent.

You might think that getting a large apartment is simply “free space,” but it could mean your utility costs will be higher. Your location might also require you to pay for parking, which is another added expense. You might have to drive your clothes to a laundromat rather than having a machine on-site. The grocery costs will differ from one neighborhood to the next. Consider all these aspects of various apartments rather than focusing exclusively on rent, explains Moving.com.

Mistake #3: Not understanding the lease.

It’s tedious, and not exactly fun to read. But, it is important to know your rights as a tenant and the obligations the landlord has to ensure your safety and comfort.

Mistake #4: Going alone to look at apartments or houses.

If you’re planning on moving in with roommates, make sure they’re all present for the showing. If not, it could lead to a time-consuming back and forth between waiting for all the paperwork to come in, showing videos and pictures, and trying to convince the absent party to commit to the place before it gets swooped by another suitor.

Mistake #5: Failing to get renters insurance.

While some properties require it, this is the best way to protect your assets, belongings, and yourself. It will only run you about $100-$300 a year, a small fee to pay for some peace of mind!



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