Winter months can be hard on everyone when it comes to the weather. Although the snow can be very beautiful, it can be just as dangerous. As we move into the blizzard season, you will want to protect your apartment by preparing for bad weather.


Having a well-established plan in place before there’s a bad weather emergency will make it a lot less stressful and safer to handle if something does happen. Your plan should clearly outline what to do, where to go in case of an emergency, and emergency contact information.

Bad weather can bring many issues, which is why it’s important to know where things are located in it, such as the water shutoff valve, gas shutoff valve, and circuit breakers. If pipes burst, you’ll want to be able to turn off the water immediately to prevent further damage.

A supply kit should keep the necessities needed to overcome a severe weather situation. Get to the store in plenty of time to stock up on food, water, and toiletries (enough for 3 days per person). Keep medications, pet/baby supplies, extra batteries, a multi-purpose tool, blankets, flashlight, radio, candles, and rock salt (for melting ice) handy as well.

Make sure that you have Renters Insurance in place as well, just in case you and your apartment happen to see costly damage.


You may need to take all precautionary steps in weatherproofing your rental. If your community is suspecting a significant drop in temperature, cover your windows with plastic lining to keep the cold air out. 

Maintain your heating units such as a fireplace with an annual chimney sweep to clean out built-up soot. Contact your management office to request an inspection of the HVAC system well before an expected storm. Freezing weather could mean freezing water pipes if you have not properly insulated them for the cold. Prevent freezing by opening all cabinets and wrap pipes in blankets while faucets drip overnight.

Windows can also be covered with plastic lining to keep cold air out. Check the sealing and weatherstripping around your windows to ensure that there aren’t any gaps where drafts might be getting in.

Winter storms have the potential to leave you without power or water for extended periods of time. If your power does go out, you’ll need to stay warm without relying on your furnace. If you don’t have any power to keep you warm, you’ll have to use something else. Always keep blankets on hand, and consider purchasing a non-electric space heater. 

The Outside

Some of the biggest threats to the property are nearby tree branches that might get knocked down. If you notice any dead branches or trees that are dangerously close to your apartment building, alert your landlord and see about getting them trimmed. Hopefully, the landlord also keeps the building’s gutters, pipes, and drains clean, but if not, don’t be afraid to mention it when bad weather is on its way.

Do you have outdoor furniture, potted plants, and decorations? Consider storing these items inside during the winter or spouts of bad weather so they don’t end up being blown down the street, injuring someone, or damaging anything. When you rent, it’s in your best interest to obtain renter’s insurance, as it’ll protect you from having to pay for damage that’s beyond your control

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