Most homeowners assume the value of their home will continue to rise, however that may be overly optimistic. Some factors that determine what a house is worth, such as location and the popularity of that market, are not in the owner’s control.

If you believe your house is your biggest asset, taking care of it should be a top priority. Luckily, keeping up with repairs and making smart improvements are proven ways to increase home value over time. Whether you’re looking to build equity or get top dollar when you sell, the following tips can help raise your home value.

Spruce Up the Exterior

Curb appeal goes such a long way, as it is the first chance to make a good impression. A home’s exterior should make a prospective buyer want to come in the front door. Ensure that the landscaping is well-maintained and if your yard seems a bit dull compared to the neighbors, consider planting flowers or repainting the front door.

Kitchen and Bathroom

When the kitchen or bathroom are outdated, they can certainly keep a property from reaching its highest valuation. You don’t have to do anything super extravagant- a minor kitchen remodel adds so much value to a home. The same goes for bathrooms; a midrange remodel- new flooring and a few updated fixtures- delivers a higher return on investment than an upscale remodel.


Many prospective home buyers stay clear of purchasing a home that will need constant maintenance. Replacing a major component before putting it up for sale, such as a furnace, water heater or even the roof, may calm fears of a future emergency repair and help you receive a better price.

Any home improvements that create an ease to maintain may also increase home value. Consider replacing carpet with hardwood floors or wood siding with vinyl siding.


Energy conservation features can have a significant impact on home value. Consider installing double-pane windows, enhanced insulation, LED lighting and efficient appliances as a way to appeal to energy-conscious buyers. If you’re willing to go bigger, it may be worth putting solar panels on the roof if you’re hoping to increase value over the long term, not looking for a quick boost in resale value. Have a certified energy auditor assess your home to determine where it is wasting energy and which upgrades will save the most money.

“Smart Home”

Safety-enhancing gadgets are at the top of the list of “smart” technologies many buyers want in their homes. The safety smart devices include thermostats, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, door locks and lighting. Smart tech does not guarantee to increase home value, but it certainly adds appeal and installing these devices are not much out of pocket cost for you.

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