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As we explored in our previous article, spring presents some uncommon dangers to drivers. As the months spanning March through May are prime hail and flooding times, drivers need to take extra precaution while commuting this spring. Read on to discover more advice on how to side step danger during a heavy storm and protect yourself and your vehicle with a comprehensive Wright City Auto Insurance policy.

Don’t use cruise control.

This feature is great for long treks, but not during heavy rains and torrential storms. Throwing your car in cruise during low traction conditions can increase the likelihood of hydroplaning. As the feature allows drivers to take their feet off the pedal, the split seconds it takes to disengage cruise could hinder control in an emergency, states SouthWest Auto.

Inspect lights prior to driving.

If clouds become dark and ominous before your commute, or if your forecast warns for bad weather, take some time to evaluate your safety lights. Headlights, taillights, brakes, turn signals and reverse indicators are a necessity during a storm, especially to increase visibility. Get these lights repaired if they aren’t functioning properly.

Stay back.

It’s common sense to allow plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. This is especially a must during a storm where you’ll need more time to brake and stop safely.

Clean your windows and wipers.

Clear visibility is a life saver in heavy rains. Ensure the inside of your windows are clean and that built up grime is removed from your windshield so that your windshield wipers will work better.

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