You probably already know about General Liability, Umbrella Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Property Insurance, and other types of insurance policies. But, how about a package policy, like a BOP or a CPP? A package policy, is a type of insurance that groups various insurance coverages that complement each other, into one single policy.

Are package policies a good fit for you? Those with businesses can especially benefit from a package policy of commercial insurance. The benefits of purchasing a package policy include lower costs, broader coverage for losses that usually occur together, and time efficiency. Understanding how these attributes apply to you and your business can make your life a whole lot easier.

High Degree of Coverage

A package policy can cover you against all sorts of risks under its protective umbrella. For instance, a single policy can insure you against property risks, asset risks, loss of income, equipment breakdown, theft, crime, general liability coverage, and more. You are able to choose from different available packages based on your specific needs, ensuring that you have the right coverage for your operation’s specific risk profile.


With an insurance package policy, you have the flexibility of designing the policy based on your unique insurance needs by combining protection offered against various risks in order to fully protect your property and other resources. You can also choose the extent of coverage required to cover the risks.

Low-Cost Insurance

You will most likely find that it is more valuable to get a bundle of coverages than it would be to get each coverage separately. You may qualify for discounts since you’re opting for multiple coverages. For businesses, it is generally worth your while going in for a package policy, rather than paying for individual policies. If you are a smaller business, this is a particularly beneficial option.

Time Saver

Signing up for a package policy can prove to be quite time efficient in the long run since you won’t need to bother about acquiring separate insurance policies. It is completed with one policy, one document, and one signature. Consider how much easier it would be to organize and maintain one single policy instead of a bunch of separate policies.

Choose Wisely

Think carefully about the insurance covers you want to include in the package. Keep in mind that different premium rates apply to different risks. These premium rates are determined by the covers you’ve chosen. The total amount of premium is calculated based on the total number of covers you’ve chosen for each risk.

One of our insurance agents will be happy to speak with you so you can learn more about the pricing and benefits of each add-on policy.


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