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Spend more time with your horse doing non-ridden activities to notice a significant increase in you and your horse’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Implementing these activities on a regular basis will deepen your connection with your horse, whether you’re an individual horse owner or run an equine business.

By having a stronger connection with your horse, you can improve your horse’s physical and mental health, and reduce your chances of having an accident.

Taking a Walk

Walking with your horse rather than riding adds a different dimension to your relationship. You’ll learn to trust each other on a different level. Walking also establishes ground manners beyond the schooling environment. It’s an opportunity for you and your horse to have some special one-to-one time.

You may come to something that worries your horse, but these are training opportunities. If it’s a moveable item, pick it up and walk with it. Your horse will note that you haven’t been hurt by the object. Your horse will re-evaluate and go from scared to curious. Once your horse is curious they’ll want to see what it is. Reward your horse’s bravery.

For objects you can’t move, place yourself between the object and your horse. It’s the safest place to be as scared horses don’t tend to run towards what scares them. Keep your energy low and reassure your horse by talking gently and slowly. Show your horse that it’s safe by touching the object.  This allows you to help your horse overcome fears.


Play is a great way to encourage your horse to think. Horses are able to process, problem solve and think things through. Play is great for spook-busting your horse.  Engaging in spook-busting games as a partnership, you and your horse will have tools and strategies in dealing with scary situations.

Playing with your horse can take many forms, from interacting with objects and toys to overcoming different obstacles that you set up in the school.  You can extend play into horse agility. If you have the space, try setting up different challenges in your arena.  Agility can be a form of play. This might be different pole exercises, walking through channeled areas or weaving around barrels.


Horses love chilling out with each other. Spend time simply enjoying the company of your horse. With our fast-paced lives, just chilling out with horses give us opportunities to slow down, relax, and connect with nature. Enjoy a nice day outdoors while your horse grazes nearby.

The key to success is to actively practice relaxation. Horses  are drawn to relaxed and peaceful people and relaxation enables higher achievement and better communication.

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