During cold Missouri winters, there won’t be too many lawns to mow. However, lawn mowing businesses can use colder months as their prepping grounds! This winter is the perfect time to prepare your client’s landscape to be its very best in the spring and summer. Winter landscaping is a big part of many lawn and garden businesses’ yearly projections. There are plenty of simple ways you can adapt your lawn care services to winter weather to remain up and running year-round. 

Snow Blowing

Offer on-demand snow blowing serves! Timely snow removal is necessary for a healthy turf when spring rolls around, plus some individuals may not be able or willing to dig themselves out, and may want to keep your team handy for heavy snowfall. This service can be especially valuable to older or disabled customers.


Another way to deal with cold, wet conditions is to promote drainage. Channels for melting snow to fall off will help prevent rot and cold damage when the warmer months come back in the picture. You might be surprised just how many people would greatly appreciate keeping the same company for these kinds of services. 

Tree & Hedge Maintenance

Evergreen trees, shrubs, and hedges still need to be maintained! This is a great time of year to get these landscaping elements looking their best, so make sure you offer professional hedge and tree trimming services to your customers.

Leaf Removal

Quick leaf removal is a needed care component for many yards. Since leaves rot and prevent grass growth, it is important to remove them before they have a chance to do too much damage. This is a bigger job than most customers can handle on their own and may love for you to offer this service. 


Mulching can be a matter of a yard’s life or death in the winter. Some landscaping elements like perennial plants and trees are able to survive in cold climates if they have adequate mulch to keep their roots warm. For clients with elaborate landscaping elements, it is crucial to ensure their winter survival. Provide winter-proofing services like mulching to make sure that the more delicate plants make it to spring.

There are other services that are useful in even the coldest months of the year such as gardening preparation, fertilizer use, frost prevention, etc. You probably won’t be mowing much but get creative and implement new ways to make ends meet this winter that can also help you prepare for spring! 

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