Owning a motorcycle is a dream for many people. Not only is a motorcycle a great replacement vehicle due to its great fuel economy, but  it also offers a sense of freedom and excitement that a car can’t.

Before purchasing a motorcycle, there are many important factors to consider.

Know Your Ability

One of the biggest mistakes among new riders is to buy a bike that exceeds their performance level. It’s tempting to want to buy a strong and powerful motorcycle, but you will become a much better rider if you start with something smaller. Starting with a smaller bike will allow you to learn all the basic skills to gain experience and confidence. Once you feel more comfortable riding, you will be ready to upgrade and truly appreciate a stronger bike.

If you don’t have experience  on a motorcycle, consider taking a Motorcycle Training Course. This will cover everything detailed in the motorcycle manual and teach you lifelong motorcycle safety skills. It’s recommended to experience your first ride in a controlled environment with supervision of a knowledgeable instructor, to make you more confident when hitting the streets.

Know Your Lifestyle

Consider how often you will be using your bike.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Will I be traveling long distances?
  • What is my daily commute?
  • Do I only want to ride on weekends?

Since there is such a wide variety of motorcycles, knowing how you will use the bike will make choosing one much easier. A daily commute motorcycle will be one of comfort and better gas mileage; where as a weekend-only bike will not be as much about practicality.

Know Your Preferences

When shopping for a motorcycle, you will want to actually try it on for size just like you would a pair of shoes. Motorcycles come in many different shapes and sizes, so it is important that the bike you choose feels comfortable to you. You might have liked a certain one you saw online, only to realize it is too uncomfortable when you actually sat on it at the dealership. You will not know what bike is right for you until you actually feel it out.

There’s also the question of whether you want to buy a new or used motorcycle. Either way, the important factor is that you are content and comfortable with your decision, so be sure to do thorough research.

Buying a motorcycle can be a very exciting moment, but do not rush it. It can not be stressed enough to do your research on the model you are considering to make sure it is indeed the correct motorcycle for you.  

Know Your Risks

Riding a motorcycle is not a risk-free activity. Before making the choice to drive one, make sure you understand the risks of motorcycling, and purchase a Motorcycle Insurance policy to ensure that you and your new bike will be safe on the road.


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