Chilly weather is among us. As you plan ahead for winter, give some thought to your windows, as they may be weak spots in the integrity of your home, especially if you have single-pane windows. While the most important consideration may be whether or not to make a big investment in window upgrades, there are several smaller measures you can plan to take if a replacement isn’t in your budget. By considering these options and doing your research early, you can be ready to put in the work before the cold strikes.

A Clean Slate 

Storm windows are inexpensive and can give your home a significant efficiency boost. Usually made to install over your existing window exteriors, storm windows reduce drafts and create a layer of air that acts as additional insulation.

Standard storm window sizes are available at several price points depending on quality. Many homeowners hire a contractor to install storm windows each fall and take them down in the spring. If you expect to need help, you should factor that into your total cost.

Fill in the Gaps

If you’re uncertain how your current windows were installed or what kind of insulation surrounds them, it’s possible you have air leaks around the window casing. Installers need a little wiggle room when sliding windows into place, which leaves gaps around the window’s edge. A good contractor will seal all these gaps with spray foam insulation, but sometimes this step is overlooked.

Filling those gaps with spray foam insulation yourself is not a difficult task, but exposing your window’s casing can be. You’ll need to carefully pry off your window molding and reinstall it when you’re done. A repaint to the molding and surrounding wall will also likely be needed, therefore be sure that there are air leaks around a window casing before pulling out the tools. You can determine this by hiring an HVAC technician to inspect your windows using thermal imaging, which is usually offered as part of an energy efficiency audit. 

Change From Within

The most simple and affordable way to replace windows is to add materials to the inside. You most likely already have some form of weather stripping on your windows, but you may want to secure further additions or replace weather stripping that has become cracked. Weatherstripping comes in a variety of types with differing strengths, weaknesses and ideal uses.

Hardware stores also sell window insulation kits (clear plastic clings that stick to the glass) for just a few dollars per window

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