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Before riding your motorcycle on public roads in the state of Missouri, you are required to have a Class M instruction permit, Class M license, or a Class M endorsement on your license. It is important that you fully understand Missouri’s licensing requirements prior to hitting the road.

Missouri Motorcycle License

To earn your full Class M license or endorsement, you must be at least 18 years old and take the following steps:

  • Pass the Class F and Class M written and on-cycle skills examinations.
  • Pass the Class F and Class M vision and road sign examinations.
  • Present appropriate identification such as proof of name, date and place of birth, social security number and residency.
  • Pay the applicable fee:
    • 3-Year Class M license: $10.
    • 6-year Class M license: $20.

Motorcycle Insurance

Much like auto insurance for your car, it’s a good idea to have motorcycle insurance to keep you protected while riding your motorcycle. Many of the factors that affect your motorcycle insurance rates are similar to those that affect your car insurance rates. Your age, the type of vehicle you drive, and your driving history will all impact your insurance premiums.

A motorcycle safety course is a common and simple way to lower insurance rates. Prior to taking the class, check to make sure that you bring everything you need to class so that you can successfully complete the course.

A motorcycle safety course is designed to make you a safer driver. It is highly beneficial on a person level as well.  Since safer drivers lessen an insurance company’s risk of having to pay out a claim, riders who complete an approved motorcycle safety course are offered offered discounts. Check for a course that corresponds with your current motorcycle driving skills.

Beginner courses are meant to improve basic skills that are often required for obtaining your motorcycle license. Basic courses may include training for:

  • Mounting the motorcycle.
  • Safe riding techniques.
  • Street strategies.
  • Proper riding gear.
  • Stopping and braking.
  • Shifting.
  • Increasing visibility.
  • Clutch control.
  • Throttle control.

Advanced classes are more in-depth and appropriate for very experienced riders. Skills taught often include:

  • Threshold braking.
  • Decreasing radius curves.
  • Cornering adjustment.
  • Negotiating multiple curves.
  • Space management.
  • Defensive riding techniques in traffic.
  • Swerving techniques.

After the course is completed, contact your insurance company to notify them of completion. Be sure that you keep your course completion card handy after completing a course for proof of completion.

Speak to an insurance agent today about motorcycle insurance so you are clear on what is needed and are up-to-date and fully protected.

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