While apartment living may not be suited for your needs, the size of a home may be necessary. Fortunately, there are plenty of homes available for rent, as well. However, finding the right home to rent is much different from finding an apartment. Therefore, follow these simple steps to ensure you get a home that accommodates your needs and that works with your budget. In addition, don’t forget to secure your home with a comprehensive Wright City Renters Insurance.

Determine your budget.

Experts recommend not spending more than a third of your take-home pay on rent. This will leave room for additional expenses such as cars, groceries, gas, etc. and won’t cause you to be “house-poor.” Don’t forget about utilities and the internet, as well. Especially when renting a house, these costs can add up quickly and are often not included in many rent prices like they would be in an apartment complex.

Separate wants from needs.

Differentiate between the necessities and what would be a luxury. According to Kiplinger, some things that might fall in the “must have” category: safety of the neighborhood, extra living space, parking or accessibility to public transportation and major roads; “Nice to haves” could include a washer and dryer in your unit, a nice view or proximity to a favorite restaurant.

Utilize the internet but visit the home in person.

Once you know what you’re looking for and how much you can afford, start your search online. Narrow it down and look at all the amenities and features of the home. Once you’ve picked a few favorites, visit the home in person and ask lots of questions. Remember- you’re on the hook for many expenses that an apartment would traditionally cover- so don’t hesitate to ask about anything you find suspicious. Check for damage from bugs, rodents, water leaks, etc. Further, ask questions about the flexibility of the lease. You might want a month-to-month lease if you’re in a transition or a year-long agreement if you’re saving to buy.

Lastly, come prepared. If your area is a competitive one, it will give you a competitive edge to show up with check in hand and two forms of ID to sign for it on the spot.

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