It is quite challenging to develop a contractor safety program as there are a lot of hazards one has to consider. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provided a list of the most common worksite violations to create awareness, allow the work sites to prepare before OSHA decides to visit, fix potential hazards and […] Read More

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There will always be homeowners thinking about making improvements. But, how do you cultivate this? Building business can seem overwhelming and intimidating, but these simple tips can help you share your business with quality leads, win the best referrals, and create lifelong clients. Maintain Relationships¬† Referrals are one of the best tools to generate new […] Read More

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Contractor work can be very dangerous, but most job-related accidents can be avoided with the right protective measures. Incorporating strong safely measures can help to keep contractors safe on the job, as construction site accidents have the potential to be life threatening. Lower the risks by taking advantage of these easy safety practices and protecting […] Read More

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