In our last post, we discussed some useful management tactics that restaurant owners can implement this year. However, on the front lines of the business, there are some trends to stay abreast on.

The restaurant industry has shifted in recent years to accommodate a more sustainable and local approach to food. This year the same trends are expected to continue, in addition to some emerging ones. From locally sourced ingredients to clean menus and waste reduction, we’ve got the news on top restaurants trends for this year—all of which you should protect with the Wright City Restaurant Insurance program.

Going hyperlocal.

You’ve heard of locally sourced ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and meats—but what about growing them yourself? The increasingly popular trend of growing your ingredients on your premises is even more desired by consumers. Locality equals freshness in the minds of consumers, so anything you can grow and process on your property is a plus.

Minimizing food waste.

Chefs say reducing food waste helps control food costs in the back of the house and protects the environment, too. More restaurants are tracking usage, serving smaller portions and donating prepared items to food banks. Diners also are excited to support these socially and environmentally responsible businesses, says the National Restaurant Association.

Chef inspired fast-casual.

In 2018, you won’t have to go to a full-service restaurant to eat well. In fact, the idea of chefs starting fast-casual restaurants come with affordability and freshness.

Environmental sustainability.

Reducing water and energy consumption not only piques consumer interest, it also saves on utility and operational costs.

Farm branding on ingredients.

These are especially important to consumers who care about a connection to how food is grown and processed. The desire for these quality foods continues to grow in popularity, says the article. If you can partner with your local farms, growers, and estates, you can draw more interest in your restaurant.


Proteins will always be popular in restaurants, but as more consumers become concerned with the sourcing of fish, poultry, and beef, restaurants are gearing their menus to highlight vegetable-centric dishes. Plant-based items are a great way to draw in vegetarian and vegan customers, even if you just offer a few dishes for these diets.


Millennials have started the trend of demanding to know where their food comes from. In fact, they desire foods that come from their local region rather than being imported from somewhere else. Partnering with local producers and showcasing this on your menus can boost your business tenfold in 2018.

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