‘Tis the season for holidays, gift giving and joy. ‘Tis also the season, however, for frozen pipes and creaky floorboards. Rather than allowing these small nuisances to stress you out all throughout winter, we’ve provided a complete, but not exhaustive, maintenance list for you. These are easy fixes to your home’s common winter problems to keep your home looking and functioning properly, especially for when your in-laws visit. Most importantly, protect your home with a Wright City Home Insurance policy.

Fix your squeaky floorboards.

This is almost inevitable as your floors begin to settle and sag over time, but they’ll shush if you fasten them down better. Anti-squeak repair kits, such as Squeeeeek No More ($23), feature specially designed screws that are easy to conceal. House Logic also suggests a low-cost alternative: dust a little talcum powder into the seam where floorboards meet, as the talcum acts as a lubricant to quiet boards that rub against each other.

Drain hoses.

This goes for all of the home’s hoses, including the icemaker, dishwasher, and clothes washer. Examine all of the hoses once you flush them: any cracks or leaks need to be replaced with a new hose before it leads to a bigger problem down the road.

Clean out your dryer vent.

The leading cause of house fires is backed-up lint in vents. Pull the dryer away from the wall, disconnect the lint vent, and vacuum it out thoroughly. Then, quickly go outside and wipe down the vent outside to ensure it opens and closes smoothly.

Revamp your bathroom paint job.

Over time, excess moisture can lead to bubbled and cracked paint in bathrooms. To fix this, simply scrape down the paint to get a smooth texture and recoat with a paint that is either formulated for the home’s exterior or the bathroom. This will ensure it can withstand the high moisture levels from constant showering.

Replace smoke detector batteries.

The last thing you want while your in-laws are in town is the bothersome beep of a smoke detector with a low battery. Prepare your home for all the cooking you’ll be doing this season by replacing your smoke detector batteries today.

Clean the kitchen exhaust.

Going hand in hand with our last point, cleaning your kitchen exhaust vent will ensure your cooking goes smoothly this holiday season. If a fire were to erupt on the stovetop, a properly functioning hood will prevent it from escalating or spreading elsewhere.

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