It is time to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air of spring. Have you already done your spring cleaning? There is more to spring home maintenance than deep cleaning and organizing. Here is a checklist to help you prepare for the change in seasons. Examine the Roof Are you comfortable on a ladder? […] Read More

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Over the years, auto-pilot may have set in, but you must stay on top of your home maintenance to-dos by and tackle certain homeowners’ projects once a year. Drain Your Hot Water Heater Sediment builds up over time at the bottom of the tank, causing corrosion. Partial draining removes the sediment and keeps the heater […] Read More

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‘Tis the season for holidays, gift giving and joy. ‘Tis also the season, however, for frozen pipes and creaky floorboards. Rather than allowing these small nuisances to stress you out all throughout winter, we’ve provided a complete, but not exhaustive, maintenance list for you. These are easy fixes to your home’s common winter problems to […] Read More

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